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The Treasure Room Slot Game Review

August 20, 2019February 14, 2020

The Treasure Room slot game is a progressive jackpot online casino game experience. Created by Betsoft, the game is popular for its extremely generous progressive jackpot payouts. But how does it compare to other, similar slot game experiences? For starters, the Treasure Room slot game has a rather vague theme, based around the simple idea of a room loaded with treasure. It doesn’t aim to tell any interesting or creative narratives, and the graphics are not especially breathtaking, especially considering some of the other slot games available. But few play progressive jackpot slot games to be dazzled by graphics; they’re in it for the big winning potential.

The game play of the Treasure Room slot game is a standard affair, using 5 reels and 20 betting lines. The betting lines and bet amount are adjustable, which already makes the game interesting as far as strategy goes. The standard payouts are also generous, and a few interesting bonuses are thrown in for good measure. The Treasure Room slot game won’t be blowing minds with presentation, but it offers a strong experience as far as game play is concerned.

Symbols Designs And Payouts

All the symbols in the Treasure Room slot game are items of valuable treasure, as would be expected. The more valuable the treasure shown, the higher the payout given. A chest of gold coins is the most valuable symbol in the game, granting an enormous instant payout if matched the maximum of 5 times. The second and third most valuable symbols are a handful of precious stones, and a few lose gold coins. The graphics of these symbols are not spectacular, but they do a good job of communicating to the player what kind of payouts can be expected.

One thing that can be said for the Treasure Room slot game, as far as presentation goes, is that the developers did not fall back on using clichéd playing card symbols. Instead, each symbol has a unique and easily identifiable design, which is a nice touch that deserves mention.

Progressive Jackpot Money

Now lets get to what players of the Treasure Room slot game are really looking for, . There are 3 bonus icons in the game, the first of which is the sword and shield symbol. Upon this symbol being matched 3 times it will grant a small, instant mini-jackpot. The second bonus symbol is the golden wheel, which will trigger a mini-game. In the game, the player must select 1 of 3 doors. Behind each door is a bonus prize, but with 1 being more valuable than the other 2. Choose wisely.

The progressive jackpot is awarded with the jackpot icon at River belle mobile casino. If the jackpot icon is matched 5 times, the progressive jackpot is awarded. Keep in mind, however, that the jackpot is only awarded if the maximum betting amount has been chosen for that particular spin. If the betting amount is below the maximum, the progressive jackpot will not be awarded, regardless if the jackpot symbol is matched 5 times.