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The Mad Scientist Slot Game

August 20, 2019February 14, 2020

The Mad Scientist slot game, created by Betsoft, is available now for desktop computer and mobile device. It features a theme based around a not too mentally stable scientist, as the name suggests. This character is featured in the game as an animated 3D model, seen near the bottom of the play area. The white haired fellow reacts to the progress of the player on the reels, pumping his fists and clapping in delight. Plus, best of all, the scientist will also offer a helping hand from time to time.

Game Play And Symbol Values

The Mad Scientist slot game uses a 5 reel, 20 betting line play system. As would be expected, the betting lines may be raised or lowered between spins, which is excellent for slot game players who enjoy a strategic approach. A selection of bonus games also adds to the entertainment of the game, none of which are especially generous, but all of which have interesting and fun designs. These will be discussed later.

The symbols of the Mad scientist slot game are what we be expected; items found in a laboratory. The first is a plasma ball, which pays a good amount if matched the maximum of 5 times. The second is a danger sign, followed by a watt gauge. The least valuable symbol is the vial, which pays only a modest amount even if matched the maximum amount of times. Note that none of the symbols may be matched less than 3 times, which is a bit disappointing.

Scientist Bonuses

When you have a mad scientist on your side, you can be sure that a little unexpected assistance will be coming your way. But with a name like the Mad Scientist slot game, what else would the player ask for? If three beakers are matched the Great Experiment mini-game will be activated. In this game the player must try help the scientist achieve his gold creating serum. The player must select 4 objects, which the scientist will try turn into gold. Each item will change to bronze, silver, or gold, which will determine the payout amount.

The second bonus symbol in the Mad Scientist slot game is the Tesla coil. If the Tesla coil matches 3 times on the reels, it will electrocute nearby symbols, turning them into wilds. This is obviously highly beneficial, and many matches are likely to be created. Extra wilds are just another benefit of having a mad scientist ally in you corner. Watch the little guy pump his fists every time the Tesla coil bonus is activated, sharing in the player’s celebration.

The presentation of the Mad Scientist slot game is charming. The graphics are colourful, and the animated character is sure to work his way into the player’s heart. The play symbols themselves are also fairly well done, although perhaps not as detailed as some other more detailed games. All in all, however, the Mad Scientist slot game is one of the better experiences currently available to play online at Canadian real money casinos.