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While many players do enjoy looking for the latest releases in terms of modern online slot games, sometimes it is fun to go back and play some of the older more traditional types of games. The online slot industry has certainly come a long way in just a few years, and it is quite amazing to look back at what games were the most popular just a few years ago.

If you are interested in going back to play Novomatic classics, casinos in Singapore still offers these popular games. One of the best things about getting set up to play Novomatic classics is that the games are really quite simple. While these slots might not have any fancy bonus features or mini games that are included as part of the standard game, these classic slots still provide some of the best quality entertainment that is out there.

The classics will typically have three to five reels, and will generally offer a number of win lines. This means that betting strategies can be quite a bit simpler, mainly because there aren’t so many complicated decisions to make. In this manner, players can just sit back and actually enjoy the game for the fun it offers.

Go Back To Classic Slots

If you are looking to play Novomatic classics, there are some games that will stand out, and that are certainly worth trying out. Some of the games that will be immediately obvious include Gorilla, Diamond 7, Mega Joker, and Ultra Hot Deluxe. The symbols in these games are bright and bold, but are also quite simple.

When you play Novomatic classics, you will not be distracted by fancy animations, or little movie introductions, and you can really just play the game for what it is. The classic slot games do still come with a paytable. It is always useful to refer to these paytables, because they indicate exactly what all the symbols are in the game, as well as what the best winning combinations are.

In addition, this resource should give information on the minimum and maximum bets for each spin. It is a good idea to be aware of these because in many cases players must place the maximum bet in order to be eligible to win the main jackpot. Of course this will also depend on what sort of playing strategy you are using and how big or small you decide to bet.

Classic Slot Jackpot Prizes

When starting to play Novomatic classics, also have a look at the jackpot prizes that the games offer. Some slots do offer progressive jackpots, while others offer fixed jackpot prizes. In the case of fixed jackpots, every time you login to play that game, the jackpot prize will be set at a fixed amount. In many cases the smaller prizes can also be really worthwhile to win.

So keep any eye on all of the prizes that are on offer. Other classic slot titles that might be worth looking at include Plenty on Twenty, Big Catch, Golden Ark, and also the Spinning Stars online slot game.