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Everything About Deuces Wild Power Poker

February 14, 2020

Deuces Wild Power Poker is an online video poker game that is similar to the traditional Deuces Wild game, where the two card acts as a wild and substitutes any other valued card. The main difference between the two versions is that instead of playing one hand there are four different hands to play. Deuces Wild Power Poker is played solo and not against a dealer or any other players. The game offers fair chances by shuffling all the decks of cards after each round. If a two card appears, the game will automatically substitute it for the best possible option to make the highest valued poker hand.

How to Play Deuces Wild Power Poker

The Deuces Wild Power Poker coin values or denominations can vary and the coin symbol at the bottom of the screen is the one used to select the desire value for the coin. Anything from one to five coins can be bet on each hand. Once the bets are in order and placed the cards can dealt by selecting the draw button.

The first five card hand is dealt from one deck of fifty two cards. The desired cards that offer the best options for poker values or any deuces are held and the unselected cards will be discarded. This hand with the selected cards will be greyed out and move to the side of the screen to be out of play. Another four rows of five playing cards are then dealt from four different shuffled decks of fifty two cards. All four of the Deuces Wild Power Poker hands include the original held cards and form different possible winning online poli poker hands based on those selected and held cards. The four rows of cards offer four different chances to win.

Deuces Wild Power Poker Hands

The highest valued poker hand in the Deuces Wild Power Poker game is the natural royal flush. No deuce wild cards can be used as a substitute in the natural royal flush hand and up to a maximum pay out of 4,000 coins can be won for the highest bet amount. Four deuces, wild royal flush, five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight and three of a kind are the other poker hands that pay out various amounts. The three of a kind hand is the lowest possible winning poker hand. The game’s pay table is visibly displayed on the screen and shows all information on the various winning poker hand combinations and what their pay outs are for different valued betting amounts.

Deuces Wild Power Poker Gamble Feature

Any winning hand activates the Deuces Wild Power Poker Gamble Feature. Here the winnings can be doubled by playing a guessing game against the dealer. If the gamble feature is selected, five cards will appear on the screen with only the dealer’s card face up. One of the face down cards needs to be selected and if the value of that card is higher than the dealers one displayed then the winnings are doubled. All winnings gambled will be lost if the selection produces a lower valued playing card.