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July 25, 2019

Writing a Hit Country Song

Country music has become incredibly popular recently with stars like Taylor Swift and Keith Urban crossing over to mainstream and taking the UK and the rest of the world by storm. These artists may sing beautifully but often they don’t write their own songs and the lyrics that make up the chart topping hits they are so famous for have been penned by someone who may not get the credit, but certainly enjoy a large share of the royalties.

Learning how to write country songs is actually quite simple and just like any players who enjoy online casino Philippines games know that it takes practise to win big, it takes a bit of time to pen a winning hit. No one becomes a poker pro overnight and there’s no such thing as an instant blackjack master and just like the internet offers the perfect place to practice and master your favourite casino games, it also offers the ideal resources for anyone who want to learn how to write a hit country song.

Country songs are almost all written around a hook or a common phrase that is repeated several times and forms the basis for the chorus or refrain. These hooks are designed to be catchy and are often popular phrases such as ‘Friends in Low Places or a play on words such as ‘It’s a Business Doing Pleasure with You’. Country music is also known for being a little witty so if you can turn a phrase around and make it memorable, go for it!

Once you have your hook you’ll need to work out the structure of the song. Starting with a simple chord progression is advised as most country songs are pretty simple. Once you see a pattern emerge you can refine it and create a composition that’s not overly complicated but that will make an impression. Getting listeners feet tapping and singing along is your main aim and often telling a story with your lyrics will keep listeners keen.

Country music is a fun genre and the songs that are associated with this sector are usually ones about the singer’s life, their woes, and their loves, lost loves or other life experiences. A song should paint a picture and make you feel like you are involved in the singers life and country is renowned for stirring up passionate feelings by simplifying experiences and sharing them musically.

When writing a country song it’s vital that you remember that good lyrics can create imagery and that vivid descriptions or catchy phrases will reel in the listener. Often country songs are a bit over the top and tell of heartbreak and other tales of woe, so if you can elaborate and expand on experience and write lyrics that really play on the listener emotions, you are on the right track. Of course some lyrics are almost a little bit silly, but when they make you want to dance they’ve already achieved half their aim. If you find yourself singing the self-same lyrics a few days later you’ll know that a song has been well executed and made the impression that every lyricist is aiming for.

If you think you’ve got the skills to write a hit worthy of Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney or Faith Hill now’s the perfect time to put pen to paper and enter a song writing competition online.