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July 25, 2019

Mobile Songwriting is on the Rise

You no longer have to sit chained to your desk, or even your desktop, in order to craft your songs, and can take your songwriting ideas on the road with you wherever you go by means of your mobile device. Not only are there great native features on these smartphones and tablets, like voice note recorders, memo pad options and the portability of the gadgets, there are a number of tailored applications in place that can ease the process even further as well. Your mobile device’s main task is to streamline your life, and being able to jot down an idea when it hits you on your way to work, as you are grabbing breakfast on the go, or as you spend precious moments idling in an overlong queue at the grocery store are some of the top recommendations for making use of mobile devices during the songwriting process. The applications make this even easier, and can save your ideas in a format that contextualises them, fleshes them out, and does a lot of the niggling work of arrangements and notes for you.

In the same vein as the easy, safe access mobile casinos are happy to provide, these apps can help you remember your ideas, craft your songs, and even upload them to various online channels, including a cloud account you may have in place, be it private or public. Much as you no longer have to meet people in person in order to have a chat, or head to an out of the way casino to enjoy a quick game of roulette, blackjack, poker or real money slots Pakistan games, you no longer have to set up an expensive recording studio or study music for years in order to successfully create a good song. It can all be done by means of your mobile device, and it doesn’t matter where you happen to be, as long as you have enough battery life and a solid internet connection to see you through.

What to do with the finished product? If you are not composing strictly for your own pleasure, or that of your circle of family and friends, you may be at a loss as to what to do when the finished song is eventually in place. Writers head to publishers, but there are a number of options available to music composers, including approaching a record label or publisher in person, handing the finished product over to your manager, if you have one, or producer, lawyer or agent. It largely depends on what you wish to make of your song, and you are able to pick and choose until you find something that suits you and the way you see your song ending up.

Always copyright your work, no matter how unlikely it may be that it becomes the next hot Billboard number one, as stranger things have happened than songwriters ending up entirely uncompensated for the hard work and heart that has gone into a song somebody else picked up. Do a little homework, and research all your options from there, and make sure to attend to the duller, more prosaic business end of this industry. It’s always worth the extra time it takes to properly investigate every step of the direction you intend taking, and, as a lot of the processes are now available to the layman, or woman, you do not necessarily have to spend money you don’t have in order to safeguard the future of your song.