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Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK

Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK

October 2, 2020

International Game Technology (IGT) and Grosvenor, a UK based chain of 55 land-based casinos are both big names in their respective industry and the two have now joined forces in a ground breaking move that see Grosvenor make use of IGT’s Cloud system in their establishments.

With Grosvenor and IGT teaming up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, a bold new step has been taken and 3 of Grosvenor’s casinos have been the first to implement this network and to utilise it across locations. London, Reading and Coventry Grosvenor casinos are the first to try out this technology and should it prove successful, further establishments will be added to the list.

Easy Access to Top Quality Games

With Grosvenor and IGT teaming up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, operators can access IGTs entire game library and all their advanced analytics systems, all at the touch of a button. Additionally, casino activity and trends can be monitored and operators can make snap decisions on which games to make available at specific times.

This means that different times could see different games being available, expanding the casino’s offerings and increasing the number of titles they have to offer players.

Grosvenor is fortunate enough to already have IGT gaming terminals that do not confine themselves to one game, making the implementation of the cloud-based system even easier. These specially designed terminals are all able to load a game on demand and can be adjusted to according to player preference too.

Resource Guiding

With Grosvenor and IGT teaming up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, these casinos are now better equipped to cater to players immediate requirements. This means that if the demand for a specific game is particularly high, the casino is able to devote their resources to ensuring that players are kept happy and keep coming back for more.

This one touch option makes cloud computing and systems all the more desirable and its designed to draw in a larger number of players and keep them satisfied. It also allows for Grosvenor casinos to offer an almost-customisable experience to players who can now choose their preferred games at the touch of the button, such as poker, blackjack or even the ever-popular Bingo Cafe UK offering what players enjoy.

Closing the Gap

By introducing the cloud system to the UK IGT has closed the gap somewhat between online and land based casinos by offering features in the latter that are usually only found online. For a casino it also means that once the initial investment in a gaming machine is made, they have access to a far wider selection of choice and don’t have to purchase or rent additional machines every time a new release is available.

This also has an effect on the space on the casino floor as no extra room has to be made for new machines. Players will benefit too, as they’ll automatically have access to the hottest games the minute they are released, as there’s no waiting time for the install of new machines.

With IGT and Grosvenor working together, the UK can enjoy an optimised land based experience that’s almost unrivalled and players can enjoy top notch action both online and in an establishment that’s well renowned.