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The Ups & Downs Experienced by Big Lotto Winners

The Ups & Downs Experienced by Big Lotto Winners

February 14, 2020

The first thing to understand about big lotto winners is that this game of luck does not really carry the greatest odds of winning. Online lotto is renowned for being one of those thrilling casino games that relies purely on luck, and very little strategic thinking or tactics apply.

After playing a ticket, players have several choices; they can play the same chosen spots as the previous ticket, or they can mark a fresh set of the same number of spots, or they can clear the ticket and start afresh with number of spots and numbers.

It is recommended that players make use of the free, or flash, Online lotto games to hone their skills, get used to the casino environment and refine their strategies before they embark on the proper excitement of playing a hand for real money.

Lotto games have paid out millions and players can be assured that the number of winners will undoubtedly increase, and that the winning available will continue growing. Some of the latest roll-overs have been eye-wateringly huge and there is every indication that these are going to simply become bigger as time goes on. Lotto, and lottery games are becoming ever more popular, with more and more people taking part.

Naturally this is also due to the growth of online lotto and lottery games, which facilitate more and more players participating, hence the continuous growth in jackpot money too.

Issues Facing Big Lotto Winners

The big lotto winners all-round the world are clear on some issues, the main one being of course that the win changed their lives. But there are some fact about big lotto winners that are less obvious, and all aspiring lotto players would do well to know some of these details.

The first is that people should play the lottery with the understanding that their chances of winning are virtually zero. Although, the logic that someone has to win the money, is non-negotiable, it is nevertheless not something that can be counted on, depended upon or hoped for in any undue fashion.

Another interesting fact is that whether they won 500 million or 1 million, about 70 percent of the big lotto winners lost or spent all their money in five years or less. Lotto winners generally all tell sob stories of how they suffered exploitation, lies, and sometimes abuse from friends and families.

These changes and developments may seem trivial to someone holding several million in their hands, but the net happiness factor is not always linear after a big lotto win, and often there are major social changes that accompany big lotto winners, similar to bin winners of real money online pokies around the globe.

Not All Honey and Roses

Impulse purchases and impractical investments are evidently a large part of the lot of big lotto winners. Often spending money simply because they can, has led many big lotto winners into problems as the purchases are often no use or just a practical waste of money.

The final two issues that big lotto winners regularly mention is the fact that despite the large volumes of cash in their account, they are still looked down upon by people that are truly wealthy and have made their money by themselves.

Then, they are all very clear on this last fact, and that is they are utterly sick of continual on-going questions about money, either from friends wanting some, or interested parties wanting to help them invest, spend or buy something.