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Western Belles Slot Specifications for Online Players

June 12, 2020

This old west themed slot has it all. Fantastic artwork of beautiful babes, intoxicating gameplay and enough bonuses to win big. There are several reasons to bet on this slot but what makes this an old time classic is that despite its fun design and great bonuses it still holds true to the standard slot and it betting style. So players will find the reels adorned with symbols that stir memories, spins that carry the enthusiasm that the classic land slots did and a variety of bets that enables all players to spin.

Surfing the Web for Online Slots

It’s a good time to be gaming online. With the growth of technology today the online world is booming and with it the casino gaming community. This ultimately results in a lot of high class casino games being produced for the players. So with this steady stream it can be difficult to separate the great from the good. That’s why when a game like western belles has been around and on top for as long as it has it sends a clear signal to all the players as to just how good this game is.

The Particulars of this Slot

Players will find a whole variety of exciting symbols scattered across the reels of Western Belles slots. These include a cowboy hat, lipstick the classic playing card symbols nine through to ace and of course the seductive cowgirl that inundates this slot’s theme. These symbols added to the slots ambience really helps to transport the player to the Wild West. But the symbols carry more than a superficial value and with the bonuses on offer it isn’t hard to see that value through the fun.

The Bonus Particulars

Players will find two types of wild symbols in Western Belles online slot. The first is the lipstick symbol. This serves as the standard wild and replaces most other symbols to form winning combinations. The other wild is the cowgirl and only activates when the game is played at higher stakes. This will walk activate wild reels, two additional reels that ensure wilds surface. The next symbol to keep an eye out for I’d the bonus symbol. Three of these racked up on reels 2, 3 and 4 award 5 free spins which can be stacked on each other up to a total of 255 free spins. The lipstick wild also serves as the jackpot of this online slot game at 1000 times coin size. Not bad for this beautiful slot.

With the risks out there for online users on the internet it is clear that for a good online casino to prosper it must have a high level of security, not just to support and protect their community, but also to provide players a peace of mind while they play and bet. An invaluable asset for an online casino to offer and here, with the online casinos hosting the legendary Western Belles, players can indeed expect this service.

Overall a great slot with a multitude of contributing factors that make it highly memorable. Enjoy the beauty that Western Belles online slot has to offer.