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Play Free Online Casino Games for Entertainment or Practice


Some may feel that it’s hard to match the bright lights, thrilling atmosphere and fast-paced excitement of a traditional land-based casino, like those found in the Philippines. However, the constantly evolving and ever-growing online casino gaming industry offers players from the Philippines and further afield an increasingly attractive alternative.

Hands-down, one of the biggest draw cards that attract players to the internet’s mecca of online casinos is the fact that many of top-rated casinos offer you the opportunity to play free online casino games. With absolutely no golden strings attached, no deposits or financial commitments, players can choose from a range of “free to play” versions of popular online casino games.

Test the Waters

Online players have the luxury of “testing the waters”, if you will, before making a real money bet. This gives players time to familiarise themselves with the game, understand its rules and even try out different strategies. This pressure-free option allows players to try their hand at different online casino games without having to place money bets. For example, if you’ve only ever played online poker this is a great time to play free online casino games such as online slots or roulette and learn the rules of the game.

If we still haven’t persuaded you to play free online casino games and check it out for yourself, we’re confident the list below makes a pretty convincing argument of why online gaming beats the flash and pizazz of land-based casinos.

Home is Best

Most people would agree that nothing beats the comfortable trappings of home! What could be better than pulling up your favourite chair and sitting down to play free online casino games? Visiting the best online casinos from the safety and comfort of your own home sounds pretty convenient. Not to mention that gaming online saves you the hassle of finding the perfect outfit, driving to the nearest casino (which sometimes isn’t near at all) and possibly dealing with the crowds of punters who all want to try their luck on the exact night you decide to go to the casino.

Dictate your Terms

In this day and age, time and money are in short supply. Those who choose to play online have the luxury of dictating the terms of their engagement when it comes to both their time and money. Choose exactly when you want to play free casino games, whether it’s in the evening after work or on a weekend morning- the option is all yours. Play whenever the mood strikes you.

Another great advantage to playing at online casinos versus traditional land-based casinos is that players have the choice to play free online casino games or they can choose to commit and play with real money. The free play option is great for players who are still new to the world of online gaming or for those who simply want to play for fun and avoid the risks associated with playing with more money than they can afford. For those players who are confident to play with real money, there are thousands of online casino games to choose from!