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Time to Check out King Tiger Slot Review


King Tiger slot by Nextgen games offers the player a total of twenty paylines with five reels.

The art style of King Tiger slot is a realistic cartoon style with an emphasis on vivid greens and yellows. Nextgen is working to transport players into the deep, dark jungles where the Tiger in this game lurks, and making a lush green surrounding helps to immerse the player in a different world. The artwork is very crisp and it is also very detailed.

Behind the reel of this game, the player can see a lush jungle and rainforest scene unfolding. At the bottom, there is long, tall, and bushy green grasses – perfect for hiding a tiger that is waiting to pounce. In addition to the tall grass, the player can also see a wide variety of green bushes and plants. There are also several brown trees with scaly bark that are growing up to form a dense canopy that sits high above the jungle floor below. Through the smaller trees, the player can see the soft yellow glow of the jungle sun which is made hazy by the thick fog and humidity that surrounds the entirety of the thick rainforest. The player is left to imagine what animals might be lurking in the depths of the forest, as there are no animals to be seen.

Above the reel is the name of the slot written in block letters with a yellow to orange gradient. To the left and right of the reel, the player can see the paylines listed in different coloured boxes. These paylines include four, twelve, ten, fourteen, one, fifteen, eleven, five, thirteen, nineteen, six, two, twenty, sixteen, eight, nine, seventeen, eighteen, three and seven. Under the reel, the player can see different messages scrolling in a black box. These messages include, “Feel the power and majesty of King Tiger” and “Tiger is stacked on reels 2, 3, and 4.” On the bottom of the reel, the player is presented with information on the game as well as some betting options that they can adjust. These buttons include info, autoplay, lines, bet, gamble, spin, the player’s balance, the player’s total bet and the player’s win. The play can adjust their lines and bet by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the screen.

King Tiger Slot Symbols

The symbols in King Tiger fall in line with the jungle theme that is highlighted. Symbols include a pink flower, a white bird, a water buffalo, a brown deer, an elephant, and a tiger as well as a nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The tiger, as one could imagine, is the symbol that serves as the wild in this game. As was outlined above, the tiger appears on reels two, three and four.

Bonus Features

Like pokies at, this slot has a bonus feature of free spins. In order to get free spins, the player must land at least three of the pink flows anywhere on the reel. For this, the player is awarded with ten free spins as well as a three times multiplier. If the player lands additional flowers, at least three to be exact, during this round, they will win additional free spins.