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Happy New Year Online Slots Review

February 14, 2020

Happy New Year is an online slots game that is designed around the theme Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is an important festival that lasts for 15 days at the turn of the Chinese calendar. It concludes with the famous lantern festival. This celebration is centuries old and is significant because of the many traditions and myths surrounding it.

The colour red is central to the celebrations as it is the colour of fire and according to legend drives away bad luck. The online slots game, Happy New Year, capitalises on a few of the more well known traditions of the Chinese New Year in various ways. The Happy New Year game features bright colours, especially red, the colour of luck according to Chinese legends. Authentic music is played throughout the game.The symbols are also based on hallmarks of the Chinese festival. For example, you will find different coloured fire crackers, red lit lanterns and Chinese Knot symbols. All of these, when lined up in winning combinations, will bring you good luck and fortune in the way of credits.

How to Play Happy New Year

Happy New Year is a classic slot and thus is relatively easy to play without any complications. There are three reels, five paylines and five-coin slots. This means that you will have three reels from which to make up the winning combination. For every coin inserted into the slot, you will be allowed a payline, up to five paylines. When the reels stop spinning the computer will check whether there are any winning combinations on your selected paylines.

If you have a winning combination you will be paid out according the regular payout schedule. If you do not have a winning combination the game is over and you will have to bet again to play another round at online casino Singapore.  The wagering in Happy New Year  ranges from a bet of 1 credit per line or 5 credits per spin to a maximum betting amount of 25 credits per line or 125 per spin.

There is an added bonus of wild symbols and multipliers which isn’t often found in classic slot games. A free demo is offered to first time players so you can see if this is the game for you before betting any real money.

Symbols and Bonus Features in Happy New Year

Regular symbols used in the Happy New Year reels include, Chinese Lanterns as well as red, yellow and green Fire Crackers. You will need to get three of one of these symbols on a payline in order to make a winning combination. In addition, the Wild Symbol in Happy New Year is the Chinese Knot symbol. It also functions as a scatter symbol. This means that not only will this symbol substitute itself for another symbol that a player needs in order to form a winning combination but it will also offer multipliers. One of these symbols will pay out 2 times your bet in a winning combination, two will pay out 4 times, while three Wild symbols on one payline will reward you with up to 2,400 coins.