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Find Best Netball Betting Options

May 4, 2021

Netball is no longer just a pass time sport you played at school. Netball has gained popular ground amongst sport enthusiasts across the world, not only in watching or playing this sport, but also betting on it.

The 19th century marks the birth of this sport which was primarily played by men. Women protested against male basketball, and so Netball was born.

Netball is a game played by two individual teams of 7 players each. The positions in a team range from centre, goal shooter, goal defence, wing attack, goal keeper, goal attack and wing defence. A typical Netball game lasts 60 minutes, being played in 15 minute intervals. Players must aim to score goals by getting to the opposition’s hoop and throwing the ball through it.

People might think that Netball is just another version of Basketball, but there are substantial differences. Players are not at all allowed to dribble the ball, and players are limited to half 1 and a half step when they hold the ball in their hands. What this actually means is that players cannot run with the ball, so for the ball to move across the court players have to constantly pass it on.

Betting On Netball

Similar to other sports betting, you bet on who you think will win the game. This is the easiest type of bet around, and the odds of each game are determined on which teams are playing each other and who the favourite to win the game is. Players can choose to apply a betting accumulator, betting on how many times their team will win. This could increase your odds of winning substantially, and this type of betting is called match winner betting.

If you are betting in a tournament playoff setup, you can also bet on the team you think will win the tournament. This is a more difficult thing to try and determine, and therefore the odds on the outright winner type of betting is much higher at the best esports betting sites.

When betting on Netball betting you are also allowed to bet on the number of points each team will score. This works on a similar basis as betting on goal totals in rugby or football. This is the most difficult of all 3 types of bets and your chances of winning are significantly smaller when betting on match totals.

How Does Sports Betting Work?

Since there are so many betting providers you can choose from, this provides you with a bit more options. Part of the promotional offers these betting providers run to get people to use their specific site; free bet offers are one of them.

Often free betting will still require the user to put down a deposit, which the betting site will match, so in effect you get free money to bet with.

Punters must keep in mind that they usually have to register on these betting sites in order to be able to place a free bet on their favourite netball team. The free bet promotions are usually also valid for a specific period only, and will expire if not redeemed.


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