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Detailed Germinator Online Slots Review for Casino Players

June 12, 2020

The Germinator by Microgaming is a very unique slots game. It offers thirty six reels and twelve pay lines, appearing both horizontally and vertically. The theme, as the name of the slot suggests, revolves around germs, and the game features various colours of germs. These include red, orange, yellow, green, and blue germs. All graphics are bright and colourful, and the germs are also animated, pulling faces and sneezing and coughing, an act which combines animations and sound effects.

The Germinator Exploding Symbols

When players begin playing the Germinator slots game, six rows and six columns of different colours of germ symbols will randomly appear. If three symbols of one colour appear adjacently in either a row or a column, they will pay out a certain amount according to a pay table. Once the winning combination has paid out, the actual symbols will explode and disappear, leaving behind empty spaces. These will then be filled by new symbols, which fall from the top of the screen. These new symbols can then, again, create new winning combinations, which will once again pay out. This process is repeated until no more new winning combinations can be found, and then the player will have to play again.

The Germinator Medi Bonus Game

If players land three of the capsule symbols after all wins have been calculated, this will activate the Medi bonus game. In this bonus game, players will be able to delete all germ symbols of a particular colour from the playing board. The left-over symbols will shift to fill the spaces, and players of online casino Dubai will then be able to collect the payouts from any winning combinations that may be landed during this process.

The Germinator Multipliers

The Germinator includes various multipliers, and the numbers of the game’s pay table correlate to the multiplier value of a particular symbol. The orange germ pays a 0.2 time multiplier, the red germ pays a 0.6 time multiplier, the blue germ pays a one time multiplier, the green germ pays a two time multiplier, and, finally, the yellow germ pays out a ten time multiplier. All wins are paid per germ and are multiplied by the per line bet. Since winning combinations may be formed in different patterns, a germ that appears in a winning combination both horizontally and vertically will be counted twice.

How to Play Germinator

Germinator is quick and easy to play, and players need not make any complicated choices, making it suitable for players of all levels. All pay lines are automatically enabled and set, and the only choice a player can make is to decide on how much they wish to bet per line. Players can choose a minimum of 0.05 per line and a maximum of 2.00 per line. Players can adjust these numbers by simply clicking on the plus and minus buttons on the home screen. After the bet has been set, players simply begin playing by hitting the ‘play’ button to start a new round of the Germinator video slots game.