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American Roulette in Detail for Online Casino Gamers


Roulette is known as a straightforward game of chance. Occasionally referred to by aficionados as the complete gambling experience, this game has come to epitomise the very nature of chance, the spin of a wheel. There are effectively two basic versions of the game, American roulette, and the French, or European, version. Both versions are available online and at many international sites, but European roulette has remained the favourite around the world.

American casinos, however, will generally offer the American version of roulette. Roulette responded very well to the whole online casino thing, and soon became standard fare at all online casinos. A marvellous gaming experience. Roulette is special because it has such clear game methodology, and betting that is easy to understand. This makes the game particularly exciting, and much like the experience at land-based casinos, roulette is much appreciated for the clear and simple wagering.

A Pure Game of Chance

Roulette is based purely on the spin of a wheel and there is very little knowledge of the game required to be able to play. Nevertheless, as with all casino game discussions, good knowledge of the pro and cons of American roulette may just be the difference between a new car or a second-hand bicycle. Knowing the different odds and betting options is 90% more likely to make players lose less.

A spinning roulette wheel is a symbol of the casino. Today roulette will be available at most online casinos, and, thanks to some great casino game software developers currently on the scene, a realistic and vibrant form of entertainment. American roulette has the characteristic and distinguishing feature of having an extra, 00, slot on the reel. The European version has a single 0 slot.

The Table Game of American Roulette

The American roulette table is divided into two sections that are called the inside and outside bets. When playing roulette, players place bets on between one and six numbers. Pay-outs vary, and are based on the groups or combinations of numbers bet upon. The outside of the layout provides the opportunity to bet on red or black, whether even or odd numbers, the low numbers 1 to 18, and the high numbers 19 to 36.

All wagers in American roulette that are made on any of the individual numbers specifically are known as inside bets. Players can make as many inside bets as they want. They can bet on as many combinations of numbers as they want to. The difference between American roulette and European roulette is the 0, and 00, the green numbers. European roulette has just the single 0, whereas in American roulette players have an extra green 00. Players who like to bet on green now have a second number to bet on.

Exciting Odds and Entertainment

The effect of the two green numbers in American roulette on the mathematics of the game is somewhat notable and despite the wicked levels of entertainment that this game delivers, should be understood by all players. In roulette the house odds are calculated effectively as the single green number. In American roulette the odds will favour the house additionally by the value of the extra 00 number.