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A Quick and Detailed Introduction to Zeus Online Slots Game by WMS


Centred around Greek mythology, with emphasis being placed on the king of the gods, Zeus is a 30-line 5-reel slot game with an interesting bonus feature. The game is designed to be fast-paced, with options to play rounds at both as much and as little interaction as the player wishes.

Symbols are based on characters and objects associated with Greek mythology. Starting with Zeus himself, there is also Pegasus, a boat, silver and gold coins, a harp, and more. Landing these symbols in certain combinations on the reels will give you a win, with certain symbols allowing for extra features and triggering bonus features, such as the Zeus bonus round.

Zeus Gameplay

Starting from the bottom of the screen, the middle section provides options for placing your bet, with both a classic panel and a quickbet panel. The classic panel gives you the freedom to choose more precise bets with plus and minus buttons for both the bet and bet lines. A total bet display next to this will allow you to see the amount you have staked. Above the game itself is your balance, allowing you to keep track of how much you’ve got remaining to spend, and how much you’ve won.

Switching to the quickbet will replace the classic panel with a simplified version, with a selection of spin options ranging from minimum to maximum. 0.30 being the minimum available, and 150 being the maximum. Using these will automatically start the spin without you having to manually choose the type of bet you want to place. On the right hand side of the bet-placing panel, there is the spin button that you can use to activate the game; this will use whatever your bet is set at as of your last spin.

An autoplay function is available in Zeus, as well. Like the manual spin button, this will play using your selected bet amount or the amount you have played prior. Autoplay can be customised with the options button at the top of the screen. Directly to the left of the autoplay is a paytable option, which gives you information about combination patterns, types and values of each symbol, and potential winnings.

Near the autoplay options at the top of the screen, there is a help button, which provides basic help and instructions for the game, and a button that will mute or unmute Zeus’ sound.

Zeus Bonus Round

Landing scatter symbols – the lightning bolt – will give you a certain amount of free spins, with five scatter symbols giving a total of 100 free spins. During the free spin cycle, landing 3 or more of these scatter symbols will activate the bonus spin feature. Triggering this will bring up an option to begin the feature, and after accepting, a new screen will appear and will begin automatically. The number of free spins you are awarded during this feature is dependant on the number of scatter symbols you received prior to starting. Any winnings during the bonus round add to your total winnings, and can potentially add up to large amounts if you manage to consistently land scatter symbols.